Our Services

Alnahda International Co Trading and Contracting bother to customer satisfaction and are considered the primary cause of excellence as they are always keen to provide high quality services that enhance the permanent trust.

Civil and construction works

Include all civil and construction works starting from the receipt of the ground to deliver a full origin with finishing.

Foreign business services (roads and sewers)

It includes road works (Acts asphalt layers formation), and sewage works (all types and storage business), and the work of the rain (of all kinds), all according to the conditions and specifications of the State of Kuwait.

Work of air conditioning

All types of central air-conditioning in all types of machines with the work necessary extensions with maintenance, according to the terms and conditions of the State of Kuwait.

Electric Works

Design, pricing and implementation of all business internal electrical wiring, telephone and fire alarm and the work of the weak pressure (LV) as well as acts of street lighting from 8 to 30 meters, as well as acts of medium pressure (stations 11 full KV transformers, cables and Jawintat) as well as the low-pressure work (Alclablatt and Jawintat) as well as installing and connecting generators to all full capabilities with automatic or manual switches.