Alnahda international  was founded in  04/15/2002, it is Kuwaiti company owned by Kuwaiti partners with capital equal to (50,000 K.D) has been paid at the date of incorporation.  The first project starts by building private and investment houses and restoration works, the company has the Kuwait Municipality Category (b) and got rating to the Central Tenders Committee ((fourth category – civil and construction works then the third category and the second category),  road works services ((fourth category – Foreign service roads, sewage and the third class, and then the second category), electrical work ((fourth category the third class, and then the second category)) and the work of air conditioning ((fourth category the third class, and then the second category)) as well as the company participates in the completion of certain government projects. The company brought together a group of privileged workers in the field of building and construction, full finishing or black structure with materials or the realization of expansions, renovations and other construction work as the employees of the company possess a process that qualifies them to complete the work assigned to them on a scientific qualifications precisely and efficiently that the most important criteria followed by the company is punctuality, taking into account the best materials conforming to the specifications, standards and full compliance schemes so as to reach to the core end, and a customer satisfaction.

identification card

Name : Alnahda International

Activity: General Trading and Contracting

Equity capital : 1000000 KD
Date of Establishment: 15/04/2002


  1. Mohammed al-Mutairi
  2. Talal Saleh Aljeri


  1. Construction and civil works for the Central Tenders Committee
  2. Roads and services to the Central Tenders Committee work
  3. Work of air conditioning and services to the Central Tenders Committee
  4. Electrical work and services to the Central Tenders Committee

Administrative and technical staff of the company

The company includes 200 professional technical and administrative staff between engineers – Administrators – skilled labor.

The selection was based on the availability of technical expertise along with management skills to work within a harmonious team beat the one Spirit.